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According to a 2015 local York Region newspaper,The Liberal; “home break-ins have become more sophisticated and harder to stop. It seems to have become a ‘lucrative and full-time business’”.

In 2015, according to Statistics Canada there were 159,338 reported break and enter incidents in Canada. This breaks down to 444 reported break and enters per 100, 000 people. A shocking 1 in 28 households experienced a break and enter in 2015. While in 2016 the numbers went down a little bit totaling 159,119 reported break and enter incidents – the numbers are still shocking and frankly frightening!

Doors and windows are the most common break in entry points. It is not shocking that the front and back door, along with the front window are the most common areas of entry. It is said that most break and enters often happen during the day while no one is home. Alternatively, the case for summer homes or cottages IS off season (when people have closed thier summer homes off for the summer). This is when most break and entries typically occur.


a) Physically breaking in is very easy and burglars know it. Houses with regular doors are easy targets. Regular doors can easily open with a solid kick and windows are easy to break but are noisy and dangerous.

b) Criminals can conveniently plan their attack.

c) Burglar’s have learned how to cope with alarms and there is no video evidence.

d) Lights may not be on when a burglar is present and there may be unlit hiding spots


a) Install Security Shutter Doors, Security Shutters Windows or Roll up Garage Door . Doors and Windows are how most burglars frequently get in so this is where your focus should be first.

b) Join an existing or start a Neighbourhood Watch Group. Your neighbourhood can act as a team of guardians reducing opportunity for crime by reporting anything suspiciaous to police.

c) Install security camera surveillance system and alarm system if not already installed. This can make your home less attractive as a target as the burglar wouldnt want any evidence captured.

d) Install outdoor motion sensor lights. This can help in deterring burglars that prefer the night.

Canadian Shade understands the importance of home protection. We carry a line of custom, made to measure security shutters for doors, windows and garage doors that are Canadian Made. These anti-burglary door and window shutters are an ideal solution that connects a strong, durable and closed cover with an aesthetic design. These roller shutters are made with high grade aluminum, profiles are filled with CFC free foam and come in over 30 colours and finishes to match the exterior decor of your home. Tests have been taken in an accredited research laboratory that comfirm these roller shutters have a class 3 of resistance against burglary. For more information about security roller shutters, feel free to contact us at 1-800-506-0450.