Somfy MyLink

Somfy MyLink


The myLink RTS Smartphone and Tablet Interface is a WiFi to Radio Technology Somfy bridge that can control up to 5 channels of RTS motorized products using the Somfy myLink apps for iOS and Android devices.


Through the app, users can send immediate RTS commands, create Scenes (a group of motorized products working together) and Schedules (timed events). Users may access their myLinks from anywhere with the app’s remote access feature.


Though the myLink is a single-zone controller, multiple myLinks can be joined within the same system for multi-zone control. ? Control for up to 5 RTS channels per myLink from iOS and Android devices ? Join multiple myLinks together for multi-zone control ? Manually activate RTS products ? Automate window coverings with Scenes and Schedules ? Supports Up/Down/My/Stop commands and incremental control (tilt/brightness)



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