Made from high-quality polycarbonate, these canopies are designed to handle the harsh elements of Canadian weather.




Polycarbonate Panels


Polycarbonate Panel makes our canopies safe and durable; able to withstand any weather conditions.Our canopies are fully customized to any length up to 90 feet in length in a Single Panel.Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any leakage between the brackets.


Polycarbonate Brackets


The quality of our panels and our brackets ensures easy mounting along the length of the awning. No need to stress over perfectly measured spaces between the brackets, just mount and go.


Anodized Aluminum Bars


Anodized aluminum bars make our canopies unique as the a single unit can be fabricated up to a maximum of 16 feet, which could then be joined together using our connectors up to 90 feet.




Uv Protection


These canopies use polycarbonate panels with UV protection film to ensure safe shade from the sun. You will never have to worry about discoloration or fading colors for years.


Weather Proof


Our anodized aluminum bars offer durable and rust proof support.
Polycarbonate withstands temperatures that range from -60°C to +130°C.
All these things ensure that our awnings are safe.


Lightweight and Durable


Our awnings are impact resistant, able to withstand intense force. Each bracket can hold up to 120kg of weight. This guarantees our customers’ safety.



Polycarbonate Canopy

  • Maximum Width: 90'
    Maximum Projection: 59"
    Cover Material: Polycarbonate
    Bracket Material: Polycarbonate
    Crossbar Material: Aluminum



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