Motorized Imperial Marcesa with Adjustable Valance 12' x 8'4"

Motorized Imperial Marcesa with Adjustable Valance 12' x 8'4"

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This product comes with a 5' adjustable valance and hood cover to protect the fabric from the elements when not in use.


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- Size: 12' wide x 8'4" Projection

- Fabric Colour: Dark Grey Solid

- Frame Colour: Black

- Adjustable Valance Material: Soltis Screen Black: 14% Opacity

- Standard Crank Size 40"

- Valance Style: Straight

- Welded Fabric

- Motor Side: Left

- Cord Length: 12'

- Operation: Remote

- Manual Overide Operation: Yes

Installation not included: Estimated cost: $575 - $675


    About the Royal

    The Royal is one of the most innovative products in the awning industry today. Manufactured with Canadian ingenuity and German engineering the Royal is the first system that has been specifically designed for the North American market, and not simply adapted. All Royal systems come with Pitch Adjustable housings. This feature allows you to adjust the awning to follow the sun, as it rises and sets. On exposures facing west, there may be a problem in the early evenings when the sun begins to decend. With a pitch adjustable housing you are able to lower the front of the awning to give maximum coverage during that time with a simple turn of a crank, even at full projection. The Royal has been designed as an in line system; this means that the mounting tube, round table and front profile are in line, making these awnings extremely compact looking.  These awnings have an all-aluminum frame, and are finished with tough powder coating in either white (standard), black, clay or driftwood (option), a selection that is sure to compliment any home.


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