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No More COVID19 - Fall/Winter Blues

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

How to extend the use of your outdoor living space during this pandemic

Summer coming to an end is never the greatest time of the year. Especially added with the current COVID19 pandemic and being restricted on travel, gatherings and learning to turn our homes as our permanent Stay-cation, Workspace and for some now a classroom. Summer drawing to an end is just a little more glum.

Over this COVID19 2020 Summer people have been turning their backyards into an enjoyable outdoor living space by adding Awnings and Pergolas. And it appears that with the upcoming change of season people are starting to prepare to extend their ability to continue to enjoy their outdoor living space. With all the inquires we thought it would be helpful to give you some idea on solutions to extend your use of the outdoor space.

In this post we will explore some of the most cost effective ways to enclose an existing outdoor space.

First I am going to introduce you to the world of Pergolas. And then I'll touch on ways that you



What is a Pergola?

So before I even start about Pergolas, I'll tell you I can go on....and on.....and on.... about all the benefits and beauties of a Pergolas, but I am going to try to rein it in.

By definition a Pergola is an outdoor garden feature that adds shade to a designed area of outdoor space. It is constructed of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy lattice of fabricated cover. They are a great way to add outdoor living space or adding a little extra style to your garden.

A Pergola is a perfect way to add, style character and value to your outdoor space. Not only are Pergolas great for a stylish shade solution but then also come with these four added benefits:

Pergolas have 4 great benefits

  1. Boost The Value Of Your Home

With the current trend of the current pandemic people are eager to have extend the use of their outdoor living space. So the current trend has turned to folks investing their normal "vacation savings" towards enhancing their outdoor living space. Smart money will invest in a stylish Pergola system that is not only functionable for the summer season but also can have extended use into the fall. Looking at the current market trends, while being functionable and stylish a Pergola has a ROI (return on Investment) across the internet at adding a sturdy well designed Pergola to your backyard, garden or deck can have a ROI ranging from 18% - 50%.

2. Add An Open Addition To Your Home

Pergolas are very flexible in their design and installation options. A well constructed system combined with the right installer you can have your Pergola installed against your home on four posts, or mounted on the wall with only two posts in the front, or wait for a cornered area with one post! Whhhaaatttt! #isadiwhatisaid

With this seamless installation your Pergola is now an extension of your inside living space. Making it easy to Bar B-Que year round and giving you easy protected access to to your backyard or deck. You can continue to have your Pergola area mirror your interior space by adding matching outdoor pillows, throws and accessories.

3. Add Shading And Privacy

Although beautiful in their basic installation, without a covering at the top they normally do not offer much privacy. However, because of their sturdy design they are great for personalized installations that will add a great amount of privacy as well as protection from the elements. Adding a roof system with motorized aluminum louvers will not only look really impressive to guests it will also provide shade in the summer, coverage from the rain, as well as, they are snow weight baring. The motorized system makes it easy to open and close the louvers, so you can decide how much light you want to let in.

"But what about privacy from the sides?" You ask. Not a problem! (And I can't stress this statement more.) With a well Sturdy and well designed Pergola you can add motorized Zipshades to the posts that you can adjust to add additional shade and privacy.

4. Add Style To Your Garden

Pergolas are a great focal point for any garden. And it is also a great spot to sit back and admire your hard work Placing your Pergola at the end of a path through your garden is a great way to highlight and admire your favorite flowers while you make your way to relax out side. Or even a great place to rest while you work on your garden.


Add Protection From Elements

One of the first things on your mind is likely "How do I protect myself from the elements?" Torontonians know that nothing changes it's mind faster than Toronto Weather! So here are

some great solutions that are easy to go from no enclosure barrier to an enclosed element barrier in quickly. While adding privacy to your space you will also have the added benefit of protection for the elements. Making your new outdoor living space far more enjoyable through the colder months

1. Bavona

Bavona is the Cadillac of outdoor roofing systems! This beautiful modern outdoor roof system has an integrated motorized folding louver system made of polyester fabric. With STOBAG patented scissor technology which provides high stability in wind, shade protection during the summer, snow protection during winter and protection from rain. Almost anything nature can throw at you Bavona has you covered (see what I did there).

The Bavona is customized and tailored made to your personal style and with the option of being free standing or mounted it can be its own structure or an extension to your home.

The roof system variants with integrated folding awning made from polyester fabric have compact dimensions and provide high stability in wind thanks to the STOBAG patented scissor technology.

3. Zip Shade Solar Screens

Zipshades are a great in the summer because they not only do they provide a great solution for shade control and providing privacy but they also keep out pesky bugs. But as the

season changes zip shades will add the added comfort of protection from the elements. This ingenious external solar is wind tight in every position and has been tested to withstand European Wind Class 3 specifications. Which means that they are capable of withstanding up to 130km winds.

With Canadian Shades customized approach we can design to fit your home and style, outdoor retractable zip shade screens will transform your outdoor living space to a winter wonderland.


Heat It Up

Once you have enclosed your new outdoor living space you can add some info-red heaters for a more cozy atmosphere.

If you have ever been out in the winter and then felt the warmth of the sun on your face, that is Infrared Heating at work. Adding Infrared heat you will not need to wait for the space to heat up, heat will be radiated instantly to your space. Normally traditional heaters that are based on the floor heat the air nearest to the heater first and then that heat rises resulting in uneven distribution of heat throughout the space. With infrared heaters, you will experience smaller heat difference throughout the space.

Be sure to follow the manufactures instructions on installation and clearance.


Indoor Outdoor Comfort

Once you have enclosed your new outdoor living space go ahead and add some touches of your inside living space with a seating area, cushions, throws and outdoor rugs. Welcome to the lifestyle of the indoor/outdoor comfort living.

COVID19 is a challenge for everyone and we are hoping to help families continue to enjoy their outdoor living space. If you have any question or need any additional ideas on how to build an outdoor winter space, we are always happy to help. Just send us an email at or contact our office at 1(800) 506-0450. We are always happy to help!

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