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Imperial Crossover White Frame (4).jpg


Built for tight spaces - Durable Construction - Canadian Made - 10 Year Warranty

Spefically designed to reach maximum projection with a narrow width, this awning is the solution for smaller areas with a narrow width.


Imperial Crossover White Frame (4).jpg

Banded Arm system

The arms have been stressed tested to withstand up to 60,000 retractions.

RCM White Frame Brick Awning Assist (2).

Welded FAbric

Instead of stitching the fabric, Aristocrat welds it ensure the panels will not seperate. Warrantied for 10 years.

R White Frame (90).jpg

No fading

The fabric is a solution-dyed acrylic with a Scotchgard protective coating meaning no fading and easy to clean.


Hood Cover

The hood cover options protects the awning fabric while not in use, shading it and keeping it out of the rain and snow.




The royal can be built as a manual, motorized, or motor plus manual override.

All motorized options have wind detectors to retract the awning in bad weather.

Imperial Crossover White Frame (1).jpg

Frame Colours

The crossover unit only comes with a white frame.


Fabric Selection

Choose from 100s of fabrics from the best mills in the world including Sattler, Citel and Sunbrella.

RCM White Frame Brick (3).jpg


The crossover can be produced as small as 7' width with an 8'4" projection and can support a 13'2" projection with only a 9' width.


Below is some installed pricing so you know what to expect. These are based on previous installations of the crossover awning system. Prices subject to change.

Imperial Crossover White Frame (1).jpg


Year of Install: 2019

Size: 10' wide x 13'2" projection


Installed on Soffit

Total Cost: $5,680 plus tax

Imperial Crossover Soffit Mount.jpg


Year of Install: 2019

Size: 10' wide x 11'6" projection

Manual Operation

Installed on Soffit

Total Cost: $4,480 plus tax

Imperial Crossover White Frame Hood Cove

with hood cover

Year of Install: 2018

Size: 11' wide x 13'2" projection


Installed Into Stucco

Total Cost: $6,175 plus Tax


Year of Install: 2017

Size: 8' wide x 10' projection

Manual Operation

Installed on Soffit

Total Cost: $4,035 plus Tax

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