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Drop Screens

Resists 90km winds - Motorized or Manual Control - Canadian Made - 5 Year Warranty

Drop screens a great for patios, decks and windows, shading the area and reducing wind. The 4mm stainless steel cables keep them steady in any position.



Reduces heat from low level sun

Reduce sun glare and heat from low-level sun from the east or west.


High Wind areas

In areas susceptible to high winds, these are a perfect option to reduce wind speeds.


Reduce Sun Glare

Reduce the glare of the sun making your guests more comfortable.


Cool your home

Drop screens can reduce the temperature in a room by as much as 12 degrees Celsius while still allowing light in.


Soltis 86

Soltis Horizon 86 offers unrivaled outward visibility and a level of natural light transmission that is beneficial to user well-being.

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Soltis 92

Soltis Perform 92 acts as an effective thermal shield. It blocks up to 97% of the heat when placed outside. This micro-perforated screen offers the best thermal performance available.


Below is some pricing so you know what to expect. These are based on previous installations of the drop screen system. Prices subject to change.


Drop Screen

Year of Install: 2019

Size: 2 shades at approx. 10' x 9'

Manual Operation with Soltis 86 screen and cassette

Total Cost: $5,212 plus tax


Drop Screen

Year of Install: 2020

Size: 1 shade at approx. 12' x 9'

Motorized with Soltis 92 screen and cassette.

Total Cost: $3,793 plus tax

Drop Screen

Year of Install: 2020

Size: 1 screen at approx. 13' x 6'

Manual with Soltis 86 and cassette

Total Cost: $2,724 plus Tax


Drop Screen

Year of Install: 2020

Size: 3 shades at approx. 6' x 6'

Motorized with Soltis 92 and not cassette

Total Cost: $4,284 plus Tax

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