The ultimate in all weather outdoor protection

With options for integrated lighting, side screens and a roof that opens, the Bavona is the pinnacle of outdoor, all-weather protection systems.


All weather System

Protect from rain, sun, wind and snow.

Built in Water Drainage

No need to worry about too much rain. The Bavona has integrated drainage through the posts.

Somfy Motors

The Bavona is motorized using Somfy, the world leader in outdoor shade motor systems.

Worry Free

With the highest ratings among outdoor shade systems, there no need to worry about all but the most severe of weather.



Dimmable LED lights can be integrated into the louvers or the edges of the Bavona, all controlled by your remote.

Side Screens

Retractable side screens to protect against wind, bugs and low level sun while also providing privacy for you and your family.

Frame and Louver Colours

There are a wide range of powder coat selections for the frame and the louvers.

Made to measure

A bavona can be built up to 19'8" in both directions, giving you a wide range of options for size.


Below is some pricing so you know what to expect. These are based on previous installations of the royal awning system. Prices subject to change.


Bavona with 3 screens

Year of Install: 2018

Size: 14' wide x 19'8" projection

Installed on Concrete Pad

Total Cost: $43,345 plus tax


Bavona with Louver lighting

Year of Install: 2019

Size: 12' wide x 19'8" projection

Installed on provided Concrete Footings

Total Cost: $30,909 plus tax

bavona with screen.jpg

Bavona with side screen

Year of Install: 2020

Size: 18' wide x 10' projection

Installed Into Deck

Total Cost: $33,264 plus Tax


Royal Marcesa

with hood

Year of Install: 2020

Size: 12' wide x 9'10" Projection

Installed on Concrete Pad

Total Cost: $17464 plus Tax

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